Friday, October 17, 2008

"Moments of Tranquility" - New Zealand's Landscapes by Jens Waldenmaier

Exhibition opening on
Friday, October 24th from 6:30 pm to 10 pm.

"Moments of Tranquility" - New Zealand's Landscapes

Photography by Jens Waldenmaier
Foreword by Helen Clark / Prime Minister of New Zealand

宁静的瞬间 — 新西兰风景
摄影师 Jens Waldenmaier,前言编写 Helen Clark

The Hamburg and Melbourne based artist and photographer Jens Waldenmaier has immortalised his impressions of New Zealand in this unforgettable work.

New Zealand has nowadays become many people’s dream country – as a travel destination but also as a place to settle. New Zealand-related topics have seen a dramatic increase in public and media attention. The extensive publicity for the monumental film production „The Lord of the Rings“, which was filmed in New Zealand, has added a further dimension – New Zealand has become „Middle Earth“.

Jens Waldenmaier's photos portray a magical countryside – as it was before the intrusion of man, showing the unspoilt nature that has survived until the present day. They strive to preserve the soul of this countryside for future generations and immortalise the beauty of the landscape in a photographic image.

Printed on Hahnmuehle Photo Rag 308 Paper, using a special printing process, based on lithprinting techniques, supported by recomART –­ by now one of the most renowned and high-capacity ARTWORK/ POSTPRODUCTION- and CGI-STUDIOS in Europe: and

"The success of movies like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Whale Rider show how powerful the medium of film can be in profiling and branding a country."

"These photos capture the essence of some of our most special places."

Helen Clark / Prime Minister of New Zealand

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